High Power Binoculars For Bird Watching

You have developed a passion for bird watching. The carefully designed garden, birdfeeder and that beautifully crafted birdhouse all testify to your love of nature and your new hobby devoted to the study of birds.

Recently, you have sighted a beautiful red feathered bird with yellow markings. However, it stays just far enough away which prevents you from getting a really close and in-depth look at this striking feathered friend. You think to yourself that maybe it is time to invest in a good set of high power binoculars.

Before you invest in high power binoculars, perhaps it is best to do a little research to determine what high power binoculars would be best suited for your bird watching passion. Considerations that may be important in selecting that appropriate set of high power binoculars would include binocular basics, the magnification and other elements.

Binoculars Basics

In commencing your research for the right set of binoculars it is important that the optical equipment contain certain features. One of those features is the binoculars’ ability to provide a range of view that is broad enough to visibly track the bird’s movement. This feature will allow the observer to not only watch the bird’s routine, but follow the quick movement of the bird as it moves about.

Additionally, an important feature of binoculars is the clarity of the high power binoculars image as seen through the lenses. This clarity feature will also allow for bird watching to be done during the times of the day, dawn and dusk, when lighting is dim. Another feature to consider is the ease of quickly focusing the high power binoculars once the bird has changed locations.


A significant feature of the binoculars is the high power binoculars’ magnification. The magnification of the binoculars is represented by the first number. An example might be the magnification number represented by the first digit in an 8 x 32 set of binoculars. The first number represents the magnification power and the second number represents the objective size of the lens. Simply stated, this means that the larger the ratio between these two numbers represents a more concise and vivid view of the object being watched as seen through the lens of the binoculars.

The second number is a measurement of the objective size of the lens. The larger this number equates to a larger field of view. A pair of binoculars that has a magnification range of seven or eight is an appropriate level of magnification for bird watching. A set of binoculars that advertises the numbers 8 x 32 is a good mid-range size of binoculars.

Other Elements

When it comes to cost, a general rule of economy is to purchase a set of high power binoculars that is the best product and which falls within your price range. Binoculars can vary in price depending upon where you buy them, high end to discount stores, or through the internet.

Also, it is suggested that you conduct your research and compare different brands that boast the same features. Additionally, it is important to know that high power binoculars will vary in design and structure. It is important to “test drive” the binoculars for comfort, weight and ease of use.