Powerful Binoculars Bring View Up Close

Some of the most powerful binoculars you will probably ever use are found at observation points at tourist spots. However, these are usually mounted to a pole or wall usually due to their weight. As the size of the object lens increases, so does the weight making some of the more powerful binoculars unwieldy for handheld use.

There are some long range observation binoculars made to mount on a rail on your back deck or on a boat rail as well as guard towers, and if you have a home with a view the ocean of a large mountain range you may want to look into getting some powerful binoculars to better enjoy the view.

Others have lenses with sufficient light gathering capabilities that they can be used to enjoy your home’s view during the day and then to do some star-gazing after dark. The Celestron 25X100 a pair of powerful binoculars, enlarges images by 25 times and has exceptional light gathering rated at 100 for nighttime viewing. Its weight of nearly 10 pounds makes it hard to hold steady by hand but it does have a tripod mount attachment.

Bigger Not Always Better

At 1000 yards, this pair has a linear field of view of just 157 feet, which is great for viewing spotted images, but hot for a panoramic view. If your plan includes viewing images both far away and closer, you may to look into a pair of not quite so powerful binoculars.

To put powerful binoculars in perspective compare the average use type of 7X30, which means they have an enlargement factor of seven and light gathering capability rating of 30. Excellent for everyday use in normal lighting conditions is usually has an objective diameter of between 6,8mm and 7.2mm.

Now, look at the Nikon 20X120 which has an objective diameter of 120mm which means it can see under extremely low lighting conditions. It also offers a 267 linear foot field of view at 1000 yards which makes it ideal for landscape viewing or looking at the night sky. These powerful binoculars would have to be mounted due to their weight, but its mount swivels 360 degrees and has a linear transition of between 30 degrees and 70 degrees.

However, with so many different makes and models incorporating many different capabilities there is sure to be a pair of powerful binoculars to suit your everyday needs without spending more than you want to look at.