Rangefinder Binoculars For Hunters And Others

Hunters need to spot game and judge the distance to the game. This makes rangefinder binoculars perfect for the sport of hunting. Using the latest laser technology, they make accuracy easy.

Spotting Game

Binoculars are lightweight and portable. While some rangefinder rifle scopes are available for the hunter, binoculars allow both eyes to be used in a more natural way. The wider range of vision that comes with two scopes makes it possible to sweep the surroundings while still feeling part of the area. There is no feeling of disconnect with binoculars. It is easier to follow the flight of a bird, for instance, by using both eyes.

The Technology

Rangefinder binoculars use laser technology to find distance between the hunter and the game. This works by sending a small laser beam to whatever object is being focused on. The laser then bounces back to the sensor in the binoculars. A timer measures how long it takes to get there and back again. The distance is computed from that length of time. It’s easy then to switch to the rifle scope knowing the correct distance to the game.

Problems can occur if there are other objects between the hunter and the game. If the laser beam hits a leaf and bounces back, the distance will not be accurate. The likelihood is that it won’t be off by very much since a much closer object would be apparent to the hunter and he can focus his rangefinder binoculars on the game again and take a new reading.

Other Uses

A pair of rangefinder binoculars can be used for measuring distances when not hunting, of course. Hikers and bikers can use them to measure distances. Photographers can get a “second opinion” to test their camera rangefinder. Especially since the camera probably isn’t using a laser. Rangefinder binoculars would be useful as part of a surveyor’s tool kit. Kite fliers would get a kick by knowing how high their kites are flying. They could even be used to measure distances in a back yard before buying party decorations. Parents and teachers could use rangefinder binoculars for educational purposes.

If you know someone who is in the market for a good pair of binoculars, make sure he considers the rangefinder binoculars. Hunter or not, going for the extra zing of the laser technology might be worthwhile. It seems that the more often a person uses his binoculars, the more ways he will find to use his rangefinder binoculars.