Russian Night Vision Binoculars Available For Civilians Use

Binoculars are generally used to bring an object significantly closer in order to observe its actions and behavior. Russian night vision binoculars were at first made for the army use only because they were and are extremely powerful and reliable.

Using Russian Night Vision Binoculars

Today a very famous Russian night vision binoculars is the Nighthawk and it can be purchased with ease over the Internet. While there are many other different styles of Russian binoculars which include night vision as well the Nighthawk is popular because its precision as well as easy to handle at all times.

The Russian binoculars come with a neck strap for easy rest as well as protective caps for each lens, it weight approximately 2lbs. 10 oz or 1,2 kg, the magnification power is 2,8 times, angle of vision is 7 degrees and overall dimensions are 235x190x94 mm.

The price of a Russian night vision binoculars vary from $200 to $400 depending on its state and seller. If you can settle for second hand binoculars it will cost you way less than a brand new out of the box piece. Also, if you are looking for bargains try online auction sites such as Ebay where some very valuable items are sold at great bargain prices.

The use of the Russian night vision binoculars was meant for the army so, they are extremely precise therefore you can count on them on any time of the day and night. If you are an animal observer than you may want to pick a combo binoculars with digital camera, which will save you time and money as well.

Helpful Tip

Keep in mind that invasion of privacy is against the law in most states in US so if you are planning a practical joke or are a jealous boyfriend/girlfriend that wants to know every move of your partner, you may end up in trouble in the end.

Acquire the Russian night vision binoculars to watch things on a camping trip such as animals and birds; binoculars are not good for watching stars as they are too far away. Also keep in mind that things may seem closer through the binoculars than in reality so be careful if you are following a tiger, lion or other dangerous animals actions through the woods.

Whatever you plan to do with the Russian night vision binoculars, it is a great investment, which will bring you, your family and friends fun and excitement while exploring things in the middle of the night.