Two Different Types Of Binoculars Mount

When a nature enthusiast is using their binoculars to take in the sights of nature, such as bird watching or watching deer in their natural habitat, holding a pair of binoculars can be a strain on the arms, back and neck. To alleviate this strain and make the experience more pleasant there is a device that can be used to hold the binoculars.

The average binoculars mount can support anywhere from three to three hundred pounds. The binoculars mount ranges in different sizes that includes a smaller model to a heavier duty model. Prices vary for a binoculars mount, but can range up to $40 or more.

A binoculars mount generally is available in two different styles. Those styles are the parallelogram mounts and the mirror mounts. Also, the binoculars mount generally accommodates big binoculars. Big binoculars are defined as those binoculars where the objectives lenses are 50mm or above.

Parallelogram Mounts

This particular binoculars mount allows the viewer to change their body position without moving the binoculars. This design allows for the binoculars to stay focused on the object being viewed Also, the uniqueness of this particular binoculars mount, allows for the binoculars to be brought to the eyes of the viewer and not vice versa

Other benefits of the parallelogram mount allows for free hand movement when the binoculars are mounted on this apparatus. Additionally, this mount can be further mounted on to the average tripod or to a telescope. This adaptive feature allows for the mounted binoculars to be adjusted to various heights and therefore accommodate the viewing stature represented by the individual.

Mirror Mount

This type of binoculars mount features the use of mirrors in providing for a good and comfortable binocular viewing experience.

Similar to the style of using a microscope, the binoculars are mounted on to the device at an angle to where the binoculars look downward. This angle of viewing directly peers into a mirror which is part of the construction of this style of binoculars mount. The binoculars remain stationary and the field of viewing is changed by angling the adjustable mirror. The reflecting image, captured by the mirror, is then viewed by the binoculars.

The resulting viewing process of this binoculars mount eliminates the need to manually hold the binoculars to the eyes while standing or sitting. The resulting benefit includes the reduction of strain placed on the neck, back and arms when holding the binoculars up to the eyes for viewing. Also, with the weight of the binoculars being supported by the mount, the time of viewing can be increased.

As with the parallelogram mount, the mirror mount can be attached to the average tripod and adjusted to accommodate the varied heights of the viewer.