Why Have Giant Binoculars?

Three Different Magnifications That Suit Giant Binoculars

One might wonder whether these giant binoculars are worth the trouble because why wouldn’t an ordinary binoviewer on a large telescope do the job adequately. Is binocular vision really that big a deal and is it that much better? Whatever type of giant binoculars one chooses they should have good image quality; good coating and the mechanics should also be above par and, most importantly, should be good value for money. Choosing a pair of binoculars that suits individual tastes should not pose much of a challenge. The giant binoculars should be placed on a stable tripod and because these tripods may be expensive to buy, the weight of the binoculars, which determines how expensive and heavy the tripod should be, is a major factor to be considered.

The giant binoculars should have 80mm to 100mm objective diameter. A good example of these binoculars are the KRONOS 20×60 which embrace superb optics, have a large porro prism to give strength of deep perception at extreme ranges and its time-honored style focusing comes with the right ocular diopter compensation. They incorporate a Floating Eyepiece Design that adjusts the focus easily and smoothly and their body is made out of Z style aircraft grade aluminum. These wonderful giant binoculars are ideal for night sky viewing, observing wildlife and low light surveillance. These giant binoculars can give close focus – down to 25 to 30 yards as well as being quick in responding to adjustments in focus.

There is also the Park Deluxe series that set the standards of quality for giant binoculars. Most of the giant binoculars are found to have three most desired magnifications, namely 11×80, 15×80 and20x80. Giant binoculars need to have precise optical quality which makes them the most favored for terrestrial and celestial observations.

The most popular binoculars are sure to have a number of features such as BAK-4 high transmission prisms to give greatest brightness, should be fully multicoated to enable increased light transmission, image contrast, resolution, as well as more sharpness across the field, precise central focusing, standard rubber roll-down eyecups that are able to be rolled back for bespectacled viewers and a host of other features that increases the quality and functionality of the giant binoculars. A few accessories to have along with your binoculars are the neck strap and the tripod adaptor as well as a carrying case.